Daily Bytes: HubStop Recap, Brand Value, PeopleBrowser & The Guru

It is Friday and it is time for the HubStop Recap – HubStop’s top 5 articles this week.? It also looks at building brands through social media, Twitter data and sentiment analysis and a funny video for the end of the week.

Top 5 Inbound Marketing Stories of the Week:? Media Relations Isn’t Dead

Every week, I look forward to HubSpot’s recap of what they consider the five most important inbound marketing stories of the week.? Inevitably, they find a post that I haven’t read before, such as Manifesto for the Content Curator:? The Next Big Social Media Job of the Future? Other posts focus on Google’s new Sidewiki and the much retweeted post from Todd Defren on how traditional media is definitely NOT dead.

Building Brand Value Through Social Media

Managing a brand in social media is like _________________?? What do you think?? See some responses to this question posed by Toby Bloomberg in her blog Diva Marketing Blog.? Also, Toby’s blog post links to a presentation she did on this subject recently.

At Your Service:? Twitter Data and Sentiment Analysis

Brian Solis, leading blogger and social media professional, writes about his involvement with PeopleBrowsr, which is becoming much more than a web-based client for Twitter and other social networks.? I checked it out and am ready to sign up for a free account, but look forward to the forthcoming analysis on selected industries.

The Social Media Guru

Very funny take on all the self-professed social media guru’s out there.? Language is a bit tough, but drives home the point!? Enjoy . .? .


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